Dead Letter Room (2022)

Dead Letter Room is a transhistorical correspondence with the late Japanese poet Hara Tamiki (原民喜, 1905–1951), known for his slender output of poetry and prose during the prewar and immediate postwar periods. As witness to the rise of Japanese militarism and a survivor of atomic catastrophe, Hara was extraordinarily sensitive to the specular and spectral intimacies borne in the aftermath of transpacific war. Aggregating U.S. military archives from the postwar Pacific, original photographs of contemporary Japan, and a series of fabulative, epistolary texts, Dead Letter Room contends with the formation and arbitration of history, memory, spectatorship and language across transnational space and time.

Dead Letter Room, Photographs
Dead Letter Room, Belongings (current page)
"Letters to/from H"

Images of Hara Tamiki's personal belongings made with the kind courtesy of Hiroshima City Central Library.

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